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Coastal Paddling and Trip Planning 

Want to get out paddling on the coast and don't know where to start?

This course is designed to provide you with the tools to know when it's good conditions to paddle on the coast and skills to improve your paddling to deal with swell and tide. 

The plan would be to meet and have a short session on planning a coastal journey, we would then go on a journey of our choice to what the conditions allow us to do that day and have a fun day on the water with a bit of skills coaching.

Group size 2-4  

Price:  Full day £90pp Half day £50pp  

​Time: Full day Approx 6 hours  Half day 3 hours 

Kit: included in the price. 

 For enquiries or to book please email

paddle boarders on white sand beach
paddle boarder on calm sea with white sand underneath
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